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The American People
Monday, 19 May 2003
The Falconist Health Care policy
Health care is a serious issue facing the American people. America spends 14% of her GDP, $1.4 trillion on health care. Yet we have 40 million people who are uninsured and can't afford health insurance. We also have a cost-containment problem.

Now to deal with this issue. Lets identify why we have a problem with cost-containment. The reasons health care costs are exploding are the following:

#1. An aging population that needs more health care

#2. A shortage of medical technology

#3. A shortage of trained medical personnel

#4. A shortage of medical facilities

#5. Lack of preventive medicine

Now, the first thing we need to do is establish mandatory medical savings accounts for every citizen. Every citizen will have to contribute 1% of his/her income to a medical savings account and the account can only be used to purchase health insurance or medical and dental care. In addition, every business will be required to have a medical savings account to provide health care for its employees.

The second thing we need to do is to establish a program that will provide health coverage to all uninsured Americans. It will cost $200 billion but that is only 2% of our GDP.

The third thing we need to do is to establish 24-hour aid stations staffed by highly trained paramedics in every community. These aid stations will provide free basic medical care, immunizations, pre--natal care, and medical exams for military service.

The next thing we need to do is to train more doctors, nurses, physical therapists, paramedics, rescue workers, and biomedical engineers. We need to establish health science and medical schools at every university. We need to provide financial aid to those who wish to go back to school to pursue a career in health care. We need to increase the salaries of medical personnel overall.

The next thing we need to do is to establish a National Health Board which will be made up of doctors, health care administrators, economists, and the captains of the health care industry. The NHB will oversee the implementation of Universal Health Coverage, investigate why the cost of health care is rising, and work to see that we have the best health care system in the world.

We also have to increase spending on medical research. We need to have crash research and development programs in nanotechnology, genetic engineering, cures for all diseases, and cybernetic limbs and organs.

Finally, as the number of elderly people in this nation increases, so we must increase the number of people under the age of 50 to support the elderly population and keep our economy going. This will mainly be done through immigration but a revival of large families will also be essential.

Now one look at all this and you will say we can't afford it. First of all, we already spend $1.4 trillion or 14% of our GDP on health care. With reform, we could probably find $200-400 billion in that $1.4 trillion to pay for this. However, even if we have to spend $200 billion more, that will only increase the percentage of our GDP spent on health care from 14% to 16%.

So in conclusion, this is our health care plan. With this plan, we will provide insurance to all, we will reduce the cost of health care, and we will continue to provide the patient's choice of doctor, treatment, and health care plan. This is attainable. We may be the last industrialized nation to implement universal health coverage but we will have the best plan in the world.

Posted by falconistparty at 1:09 AM EDT
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Sunday, 18 May 2003
Falconist Homeland Defense Strategy
Republicans claim to have the cornered the debate on homeland security. However, we, the Falconist Party believe that we have a more fleshed out plan to provide adequate homeland defense to America.

The first thing we need to do is to combine all federal law enforcement agencies into a United States Police Force (USPF) which will operate under the Department of Homeland Security. This will reduce overlap between agencies and free resources to invest in homeland security.

The next thing we need to do in building an adequate homeland defense is to increase the number of customs inspectors, border patrol agents, airport security personnel and policemen patroling our federal buildings, infrastructure, and other potential targets of terrorists. We believe we need to add one million personnel to the federal law enforcement apparatus.

But more important, we need to add one million more policemen to the state and local police forces and one million more fire and rescue personnel. To do this, we propose that the federal government issue block grants to state and local governments to hire more police, fire and rescue personnel and increase the salaries of police, fire and rescue personnel.

We also propose that as part of federal service, citizens, in addition to the military and civilian arms of federal service, be allowed to choose to join the United States Police Corps (USPC) or the National Fire and Rescue Corps (NFRC). In the USPC, citizens will recieve 16 weeks of police training and then be assigned to local police forces in cities that are short on police officers. Citizens who opt to join the NFRC will undergo fire and/or rescue training and then be subsequently assigned to communities that need fire and rescue personnel the most.

To further alleviate the shortage, the Falconist Party also proposes that full-time policemen, fire and resue personnel should not be members of the National Guard or Reserves. We believe that service as policemen, firemen, and rescue workers is the equivalent to national service and more public service shouldn't be asked of them. Moreover, recent callups of reservists have strained state and local police, fire and rescue forces.

The Falconist Party also proposes that we revive the concept of the Home Guard. In Britian during WW2. The Home Guard consisted of people who were unfit or unable to participate in military service yet were trained in defense of their communities against enemy attack. This concept is worth revisiting.

And of course, the Falconist Party proposes the revivial of Universal Military Training and mandatory federal service. But that has been detailed in our platform and will be detailed again in another entry in this blog. However, UMT and MFS will not only train all citizens in homeland defense but will also provide enough personnel to engage in full-time homeland defense and heal the wounds of this nation.

Now some people say this is too expensive. However, how much has 9-11 cost us in lives, property damage and its overall effect on the economy. Moreover, if we could afford to fight a war with Iraq and rebuild the nation, then we should be able to afford to add more personnel to homeland defense.

Moreover, isn't it just as expensive to issue unemployment checks to millions of unemployed when they could be put to work defending, rebuilding and healing our nation? Not to mention there are millions of people who want to serve their nation right now but our military can't or won't take them in. Shouldn't we be putting these people into service patroling our streets and performing other homeland defense tasks?

This in conclusion is our blueprint for America's homeland security. Alot of people will say this is too expensive for America. But isn't this less costly than another 9-11?

Posted by falconistparty at 5:04 PM EDT
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Sunday, 11 May 2003
US Statehood for Iraq and Afghanistan
Manifest destiny is a major issue with the Falconist Party. Right now, America is trying to build democratic states in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq, there are elements that seek to impose an authoritarian or clerical regime in the nation. In Afghanistan, while a provisional government has been established in the capital city of Kabul, much of the country is still under the rule of warlords or Tabliban remnants. Either one of these nations, through democratic process or military coup, could swing back to authoritarian regimes that sponsor terrorism.

There is only one way to guarrantee that democracy and prosperity will thrive in these nations over the long haul, and that is to admit these countries into the union as territories first, then as states.

Over the next two decades, America should be rebuilding these nations. Their thrid world economies should be rebuilt into twenty-first century economic engines. Their cities should be rebuilt into twenty-first century metropolises. America should built and operate schools that will educate the vast majoirty of children in Iraq and Afghanistan, creating a new generation of people who have embraced American culture and values.

If we rebuild these nations and the people of these nations accept the offer of US Statehood and American citizenship, America will add 40 million more people to its population and $3 trillion to her Gross Domestic Product. Not to mention America will cease to be an oil importer.

For the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, American citizenship will entitle to them to the same protection of law, civil liberties, and freedom that Americans currently enjoy. Under this current system where America rules through puppet leaders and transnational corporations, people of the third world don't enjoy the same blessings as the people of America do. We, the Falconist Party don't think thats right.

Now some people will say that is imperialist. Well would it be imperialist if these nations voluntarily accepted our offer of US Statehhod. Would it be imperialist if the people of these nations are equal with people here in America. Would it be imperialist if these people had votes in the Congress and Presidential elections. I don't think so.

Besides, can anybody tell me the difference of two nations of 25 million people each being offered statehood and 25 million people from each country comming to our shores for American citizenship? Sorry, I don't see the difference.

Furthermore, look at the success stories of American "imperialism". Japan, South Korea, Germany. Think how much more sucessful they will be if they were admitted into the USA as states.

Finally, as the U.S. Constitution obligates the federal government to guarantee a republican form of government in each state, so should the U.S. Government be obliged to maintain democracy in Iraq in Afghanistan.

So in conclusion, if we really want to extend the blessings of liberty and prosperity that we enjoy here in America, then we should offer statehood to nations like Iraq and Afghanistan. We, the Ffalconist Party believe that this is why America has been so blessed with the status she enjoys today.

Posted by falconistparty at 5:37 PM EDT
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Sunday, 27 April 2003
What is Falconism
People have been asking me what is this new political philosophy called Falconism? In this article, I hope to answer this question. But to do so, lets take a look at the competing ideologies:

Conservatism is a champion of laisee-faire economics and laws that curb immorality and maintain social order. Conservatism also favors a strong defense and a interventionist, yet unilateral foriegn policy. I imagine the extreme of this would be Monarchism, Capitalistic oligarichy, or some authoritarian regime that curbs social freedom but gives business free reign in the marketplace.

Liberalism is a champion of massive government intervention in the economy. Liberals believe in massive spending in public works, educations, universal health insurance, and so on. However, Liberalism is also champion of social license for people to do whatever they want in their own homes. The extreme of this ideology would be democratic socialism.

Libertarianism believes that government basically should stay out of both the boardroom and the bedroom. It believes in minimal government intervention in the economy and the license for people to do whatever they want in their private lives including drugs and prostitution. The extreme of this is Anarchy.

Then there is this space in the middle, the centrist or moderate position. This position is pretty much represented by the two major political parties as well as various third parties.

However, there is this field in the political spectrum that hasn't been defined. There are people who believe that government has a role to maintain social order, curb public immmorality yet also believe that government has a role in maintaining economic order, investing in infrastructure, universal health insurance, education, research and development, as well as maintain a strong defense.

Falconism and the Falconist Party exist to make this statement.

We, the Falconist Party believe that we must make laws to restore law, justice and order in our society. We believe that religion must return to the public arena. We believe that the government has a role in rebuilding the economy; investing in rebuilding the infrastrcuture, providing universal health insurance, investing in education; and we believe that the United States of America must rebuild its military and police forces and win the war on terror and tyranny. And we believe America is in the unique position to build a better world based on free-market economics, rule of law, democracy, and Judeo-Christian values.

Now not everyone fits piegon hole into any particular ideology. However, if your values resemmble closely that of the Falconist Party, then we welcome you into our ranks. If your values don't fit with this party, then keep checking back from time to time so we may make our case. If you are still set in your ways, then we will gladly point you to an alternate political party that best fits your values.

However, the Falconist Party is here and it is here to stay. And were here to make an impact!

Posted by falconistparty at 10:40 PM EDT
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Saturday, 26 April 2003
Welcome to the online journal of the Falconist Party
Greetings, welcome to the online journal of the Falconist Party. Here you will find the latest news and views of the members of the Falconist Party.

Posted by falconistparty at 11:36 PM EDT
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