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Updated December 11th, 2003
Falconist Party adopts the FairTax plan and the Guaranteed Healthcare access plan as part of its platform and agenda.

That is right. The Falconist Party is now offering FREE MEMBERSHIP to anyone who wishes to join our movement. Prospective members should sign on to our mailing list under the "contact us" page and email us indicating that they wish to join our movement.

The Falconist Leadership Council voted to tone down the Christian rhetoric of our platform and acknolwedge that the Falconist Party will espouse values shared by Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Mormonism, etc.
      While the Falconist Party acknowledges that each religion claims exclusivity over the truth, the Falconist Party also realizes that these faiths have some shared values such as the sanctity of family, the dignity of labor, a stance against abortion, a stance against sexual immorality, drunkeness, gambling, and a concern for social justice. The Falconist Party wishes to appeal to people of all faiths who share the values of our party and rally them in the cause of faith, family, and homeland.

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