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With the meltdown of the economy, people are begging for leadership in this issue. Fortunately, the Falconist Party has a comprehensive program to rebuild our economy. Our program to build a foundation for a growing economy consists of the following elements.

         Overhauling the American financial system by replacing the semi-private Federal Reserve with a U.S. Government owned-and-operated Bank of the United States.

         Implementing the FairTax plan which will replace the income, corporate, payroll, social security and Medicare,  alternative minimum, estate and gift taxes with a inclusive 23% National Sales Tax and include monthly “prebates” of $187/month to every legal resident as well as $65/month for every child living in that legal resident’s household.

         Reviving the WPA, PWA, and creating a U.S. Green Corps that will put the able-bodied unemployed rebuilding and serving America at living wages.

         Institute a nationwide program to build desalination plants, pipelines, reservoirs, roads, bridges, airports, high-speed railways, educational facilities, health care facilities, public safety facilities, affordable housing units, information transmission capabilities, and other infrastructure essential to our economy.

         Move our health care system from an employer-based health care system to a citizen based health care system with the Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan.

         Increasing legal immigration and assimilation while cracking down on illegal immigration though or immigration reform policy.

         Fighting and winning the war for energy independence

         Instituting a national Fair Labor Practices Board with grievance committees in every workplace

         Instituting a national savings-investment plan to operate side-by-side with social security

         Merge the departments of commerce and labor into a Department of Economics

         Federalize and reorganize the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC)

         Create and fund a nonprofit corporation to buy formerly American businesses and bring them back to the U.S.A. as well as create new companies around patented inventions.

         Reduce waste, fraud, and graft by reorganizing federal agencies, consolidating federal agencies, and reforming the civil service system to reward outstanding service and efficiency.

The Falconist Party will overhaul our financial system by replacing the semi-private Federal Reserve with a U.S. Government owned and operated Bank of the United States (BUS). The BUS will be headed by a Chairman who would be appointed by and be subject to dismissal by the President of the United States with the consent of Congress. The BUS will then issue credits to state and local governments to finance rebuilding programs and credits to the private sector to rebuild, re-tool, and expand America’s economic engine.

The FairTax is a progressive consumption tax that will tax the overall size of our economy as opposed to the wage-earners and businesses. The FairTax will tax people on what they spend as opposed to what they earn. The FairTax will do the following.

         Abolish the IRS as well as the filing of tax returns by the average American citizen

         Save America $500 billion a year in tax compliance costs

         Preserve the progressive structure of taxation with the prebate system

         Encourage trillions of dollars to flow from Offshore Financial Centers back to the USA where they will be put to work.

         Tax the underground economy anytime criminals, illegal immigrants buy retail

         Increase the number of payers into social security and Medicare from 160 million wage earners and businesses to 300 million legal residents as well as 50 million tourists and illegal immigrants.

         Encourage people to get more life out of used goods and put an end to our “throwaway culture”

         Reward savings, investment, and hard work by taxing consumption instead of income.

         Encourage businesses from around the world to relocate their corporate offices as well as their means of production to the U.S.

The next part of our program is to institute a nationwide rebuilding program. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the USA an infrastructure report card grade of a “D+”. That is unacceptable. We will put 10-20 million people to work at living wages.  Our $1 trillion a year program will enable our economy to grow at an annual rate of 10-15%.  The national rebuilding program will include the following projects.

         Rebuilding all existing roads and bridges that are in need of repairs

         Rebuild mass transit systems as well as expand them and building mass transit systems for more major cities.

         Building new airports as well as expanding existing ones

         Building and rebuilding educational facilities

         Building and rebuilding health care facilities

         Building a nationwide network of desalination plants, pipelines, reservoirs and irrigation systems

         Building a nationwide network of solar, nuclear, wind, coal, tidal, and geothermal power plants

         Building a nationwide high-speed rail network

         Building affordable housing units for the servants of our society

         Building new urban communities on the sites of torn down inner city neighborhoods

         Building new urban communities in sparsely populated parts of America

 As part of this program, the WPA and PWA of the New Deal era would be revived and a new U.S. Green Corps will be created to put people to work rebuilding America, cleaning up America’s brownfields, planting new forests, performing civil defense tasks, and engaged in conservation projects.  All able bodied unemployed will be put to work. Welfare will be reserved for the elderly, infirm, and those that need a temporary helping hand.

 The next part of our economic program is the implementation of the Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan which is covered under the health care section. However, the bottom line is that the GHAP will move our health care system from an employer-based health care system to a citizen-based health care system.  This new health care system will reduce the share of the GDP that health care consumes as well as free employers from the obligation of providing health insurance to their employees and use the savings to pay higher wages, or reduce the cost of their goods and services, or expand production capacity.


The next part of our program is to wage an all out war for energy independence. We will do this by developing domestic sources of fossil fuels, developing new resources of renewable energy, and implement conservation measures to conserve our nonrenewable resources until the renewable resources become practical. You can read about this in our energy section.

 As more and more people are needed to rebuild America and to staff the expanding economic engine of our economy, we will need more people to come into this country legally and assimilate into our society which is where our reformed immigration system comes in. Read more about that in our immigration section. But our plan will fix the annual immigration rate of 1% of the population of the USA for that year. Enough to control immigration and to provide a healthy growth rate in America’s population. Immigration will also encourage the revival of our urban communities and small towns and increase the number of people paying into social and Medicare keeping these programs solvent.

 If our policies are implemented, America’s economy will expand, the federal government will run budget surpluses, the national debt will be retired, and the U.S. Government will save $400 billion a year in interest payments on the national debt which will be used to fund additional programs, expand the military, or give back to the people in the form of higher prebates.